MAIN Your Life’s Design VIP Program


  • Uncover your personal life blueprint, knowing you are in alignment with your life’s design.
  • Break out of unconscious conditioning that has you stuck in repeated patterns.
  • Revitalize your relationships and work life.
  • Create deeper, richer, and more meaningful life experiences.
  • Learn what it means to be guided by your soul.
  • Come fully alive and be who you are here to BE!

This exclusive program is designed for those who are ready to commit to a life of transformation and claim what they desire.

You are part of the story of the Universe, therefore, you are part of life’s integral grand design, and its blueprint. This deep interconnectedness with life is the spiritual relationship that lives within you, and when awakened, opens your heart and activates the nature of your soul – exemplified as soul devotion.

Your Life’s Design (TM) VIP program uncovers the guiding framework that will assist you in connecting to your truest self and your soul contract. It focuses on the soul development within you that is guiding you to a deeper relationship to yourself and to your divine purpose. This 6-month program is a deep dive into the design of your life. You will uncover how your life has been divinely orchestrated and timed to awaken your soul devotion and live your truest self. In this exploration, you will discover how life has been guiding you toward this development all along. You will discover hidden parts of yourself (both shadow and light), develop your intuition as a primary navigator, and use tools such as archetypes, the chakra system, and your personal astrology to assist you through your journey. You will be challenged to step out of comfort zones and delve into the archives of your body’s intelligence to clear unwanted mindsets that have you in repeated loops of behavior and outcomes.

The call to transform begins a journey into uncharted territories. Walking this path of transformation requires courage and strength to navigate the challenges and choices you will meet along the way. It is at this point you must learn to build the bridge you are walking along, while simultaneously being committed to the path – with dedication and support, it is possible to find what you are looking for.

Teresa Campos

Deep Insights

“Teresa’s powerful intuition and insights have opened my heart and soul to see new possibilities I may have never seen before. Her respect and kindness for our humanness lead to open exploration of our deeper selves.”
Karen Lemiux
Nurse/Health Educator


Through Teresa’s practical application, keen intuition, and compassionate guidance, I was able to experience a complete transfiguration. The work we did together will forever change the trajectory of my life’s journey in pursuit of the path of least resistance to the core of myself and my source.
Rosie Cerna