You Get To Decide

Capricorn Full Moon

The full moon in Capricorn shines bright, illuminating clearly our current predicament. The last new moon stirred up new information that is now pressuring us to be emotionally responsible for the new reality we find ourselves in. Old patterns have surfaced, triggering some of us to feel like a victim, and others, accepting the challenge to forge the new paradigm. Either way there is a threshold crossing in each decision we make towards our new future, and no turning back.

Capricorn demands work and effort towards what we desire to achieve. And we get to decide whether that work will be hard or done with ease. Continuing to resist the lessons of the this masterful teacher (Capricorn), the work will be hard, but if we choose to brave the unknown, become the adult and take responsibility for what we know we need to change, we will be rewarded.



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