Full Moon In Virgo

You Are a Creator

The Full Moon welcomes its bright light upon you to illuminate what shadows have been moving below the surface. The effects of its potency are determined by your relationship with your inner worlds. 

The moon is associated with your emotional body, the primal nature that controls your security system, your connection to self-care, how you self-parent, the inner child, your ancestral roots, and your victim archetype. Because of these influences, it is no wonder that a full moon will elicit heightened emotional activity in your life; sometimes creating pain. 

You have dreams, and yet the practical side of you is in deep questioning of whether those dreams and desires will come to fruition. There is an inner battle that is going on. One side of you believes in the possibilities while the other is wondering how to better manage your life. 

The Full Moon in Virgo ushers in a bit of the inner critic. Its critical and opinionated energy makes way for a great deal of questioning oneself. The nature of the earthy unconscious Virgo, when activated by the moon, is to take action and mitigate any inner chaos by organizing and orchestrating. Virgo loves to compartmentalize its resources to create the illusion of safety propelling you into getting busy to avoid the void. And yet, it is within this void that you will find your salvation. 

Virgo is known as the sign of the “Hidden Christ”, symbolized by the Virgin,  representing inner growth and gestation; It is both the Mother and the Child. 

The urge to organize and purge emerges from the desire to cleanse oneself from previous encounters of ideologies, patterns, and experiences. Consider this in your life right now. What must you purify and cleanse? 

The fear of emptiness may arise during a cleansing process. The medicine here is to embrace the knowing that you are totally resourceful, thus moving you from the Survivalist to the Vehicle of the Creator. When you stay stuck in the Survivalist you are trapped by form. Your mission through the process of gestation is to become the Form of the Creator.

Aho! Teresa

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