What Is Emerging?

The Full Moon In Sagittarius

The Sagittarius full moon offers renewed hope to the shaky ground we have been trying to settle within.  Insights have come forth, bringing a clearer perspective into view that is helping us to really see what the truth is. So much has clouded our vision up to this point, so use this opportunity to see your situation with fresh eyes. Ask yourself if the following of this new path aligns with your authentic self and true vision. Stay curious as the truth continues to be revealed with even more information coming to the surface as authentic feelings are still emerging.

Life has many wonderful things to offer us. And this time of year always presents those new possibilities as the seedlings planted last year are ready to break ground. Continue to remain open minded as this fiery full moon will fill us with the need to emotionally act overzealously as then expect others to understand our version of the truth. Pushing our agenda onto others will backfire on us if we do not ground ourself with what is REALLY buried underneath the frustration of our feelings. True responsibility always lies at our own feet and not at the feet of others. Any other way, would be the victim way.


Teresa Campos




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