What Do You Believe?


What Do You Believe?

When you’ve lived within a system all your life, and there is consensus built into the society and supported by the media, some things in life just seem natural, as if they’ve always been there; it’s just a part of natural life.

But all systems within a society are created by humans. They emerge, they rise, they fade. Many of these systems promise a better life, a hope for a better tomorrow. Take the presidential cycle for example. We, as electors, ride the waves of hope and fear of candidates that we either put our faith in to give us a better life or hope they’re voted out because of the threat they represent.

After the presidential election of 2020, much of the country believes we now have the answers to everyone’s needs. That, finally, we have a president-elect that can sort through the complexities of the world and offer us a better, easier, more fulfilling life.

This is a common mentality shared by many people in many countries about their heads of state. That feeling of searching in external spaces to fulfill internal needs; that we place all of our weight, expectations, and hope onto other humans in order to make our own lives better.

Of course, participating in democracy is a fundamental right, and one of the positives in these last few weeks has been the fact that this year saw the highest voter participation in more than a century.

But personal change doesn’t come from a president – whether it’s one that you support or not. Outsourcing our ability to fill a spiritual void, ultimately leads to the feeling of emptiness, because we have no control over the externalities of the world.

The complexities of life and its relationships have left many people with a sense of disconnection and emptiness. This void has resulted in more of us rediscovering the essence of what it means to be spiritual and live a spiritual life. While some people find that their spirituality is linked to their association with religion, there are many people who are now willing to look at and consider the notion of a new interpretation of spirituality.

Spirituality is the path of the heart. It is that intrinsic connection to the moment, to self, to others, your environment, to nature, and life itself. It includes that deep sense of aliveness and inspiration, which also translates into love, joy, wisdom, peacefulness, and service. The spiritual path teaches you is to look within and find what you seek within yourself.

We’re currently living in a time that is demanding us to look at ourselves, to look within ourselves, and question whether we’re living a fulfilled life, whether we’re tapped into our spiritual connection to life.
This broader perspective of spirituality, which taps into a deeper dimension, inspires us to ask:

– Where do I find meaning?
– Do things happen for a reason?
– What is my purpose?
– How can I feel more connected and fulfilled?
– How should I live?

We, humans, are very complex and capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for. We are all on a path of discovering what it is we truly want. And guiding people towards their higher calling is the most rewarding aspect of what I do. Your higher calling is your gifts and your true nature.

It is your true nature to be free. If you go against your true nature, you are not free.

Namaste. Teresa.

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