We No Longer Want To Be Silenced

The Power Of The Fire Full Moon

Using the power of our fire energy we illuminate what we need to burn away from the aspects of our personality that keep us held in an old identity of self – keeping us from expressing our true-self. 

Our fire nature is dynamic, passionate, active and wants to feel fully alive. When we are out of touch with our inner flame, apathy, depression and loss of vitality are experienced. Holding in our fire nature keeps us stuck in situations we may currently find ourself in. Fire is masculine in nature (therefore associated with our identity) and lives in each of us. It is the creative spark inside us that incites our spirits to soar out in the world and claim what we truly desire and who we truly are. When our fire energy is dim, so are we. Cultivating our internal fire is vital to our life force energy; life force energy is what keeps our spirit alive.

When we self-illuminate we painfully let go of relationships and ways of being that do not align with our true-self. The old identity will struggle to hold on and keep silent the truth. In order for the true-self to emerge we must release and trust what is waiting to become.

The energy of fire is also currently on the horizon and will enter into our individual energy fields early October. This can be a dynamic and potentially a fulfilling time for us to actualize the vision we have for our future, if we choose it. Something is emerging and it is you!




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