Virgo…The Archetype

The Virgin with sheaves of grain in her hands symbolizes the sign of Virgo. The sheaves represent the wisdom that is harvested in the fields of experience.
Virgo is the Grace of Divinity, which dwells within. It is in the expression of this inner Grace that each of us finds our rightful place in the world. The fulfillment of rightful service to the greater whole is Virgo’s effort. Virgo wishes to be of use.
Being the sign of service Virgo denotes what kind of work we do and how it gets done. Meticulous and detailed, discrimination comes unsurprisingly. Discernment is an attribute that separates Virgo from mediocrity making refinement and perfection its grail.
Virgo’s interest in function and what works well takes many directions. For example, Virgo loves the amazing design and function of the human body. It looks to the body as a teacher and ally. Maintaining proper balance of mind, body and spirit is key for Virgo. Health and well-being are areas that will attract Virgo to service.
Virgo signals a return to order. Bringing “Order out of Chaos” and making full use of resources for productivity. Cultivating production with efficiency is natural for the evolved Virgo individual. System and order being the organization from which is operates.
Virgo’s concern and preoccupation for its livelihood makes it the sign of service. The initial phase of Virgo’s “service” will be the job(s) we have in our lives. These jobs will not reflect a conscious expression of what we desire until a career is discovered. Our career will bring satisfaction until one day, it will no longer. It is at this juncture a deeper passion within our career or elsewhere will need to be fulfilled. A strong feeling of being destined or chosen to serve in a greater capacity will be sought. This calling will become our vocation.
The development and growth of the Soul within us is birthed in this sign. It will be our vocation, which will express the nature of the Soul’s true destiny in our lives. It will be up to each one of us to listen to the voice within, and answer that call.

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