Virgo Full Moon | 2/24/24

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The Light Lifter

As we welcome the full moon’s energy in Virgo, we tap into the gift of Virgo’s ability to perceive the intricate details and deduce the best path forward. Like a master puzzle solver, Virgo helps us bring all the pieces together in a harmonious and efficient way. By focusing on the practical aspects of life, Virgo guides us in handling what needs to be attended to with precision and care.

Virgo embodies the essence of the medicine woman and helps us distill the truth to its core, cutting through the noise and confusion to reveal the heart of the matter. With her refined nature, Virgo teaches us the importance of consistency and dedication. She shows us how to be thorough in our actions, ensuring that we follow through with our intentions all the way to fruition, even when facing darkness, shadows, and fears.

In her resilient spirit, Virgo encourages us to release and let go of what no longer serves us. By embodying the qualities of Virgo during the full moon, we can learn to navigate challenges with grace and courage, trusting in our ability to find solutions and move forward with a sense of purpose and clarity.

Peace and love.


Artist: Kate Morgan “The Light Lifter”

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