When I choose to consciously sit in the uncertainty of the unknown I am brought into present time and into my physical body. Time slows, breathing is deepened, actions become deliberate and words are chosen with more intention.

Vulnerability is on edge here in this place of uncertainty. Sensitivity is acute and tears are on stand by, ready to rise to any occasion. Yet, the beauty of this place is the humility and the grace that are the vessels of transportation ready to carry me to the next moment of life, if I let them. To move forward, I let go and let the unknown be my driver.

I think about all the ways I try and control and predict my life. Making myself angry that it sometimes isn’t going the way I like or a way that has me feeling so uncomfortable. Carrying this inner rebellion is like driving a car with the emergency brake on.

The limitation of the ego mind holds us hostage to what the unknown would like to offer. An offering our thoughts have yet to know. And what is yet to know, is held in the fear of the uncertainty of the unknown.

Such a paradox is life,


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