Time To Rebalance


The value of intimacy between true partnership – the larger life one can live. At the core of intimacy lies the relationship we have to ourself first. When that is not being fully lived, we will find ourself in relationships that do not reflect our true self.

To rebalance one self, we must restructure how we interact with the influences around us. Give voice to the creative vision you have for your life and align it accordingly; what no longer fits gently release. Now is the time of rebalancing your inner life to the commitments you now know resides inside your soul. There is no room for hesitation, as these new ideas are old truths gone unanswered. To rebalance is to recalibrate our inner compass to whatever serves our highest and truest self.

The light of the moon is unseen with a new moon – bringing clear vision to what is lying in the dark and birthing anew.



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