The Way

The Way is the sacred, heroic human journey in which you are the unknown path ahead, you are the inquiring practices of self-realization, and you are the final destination from which you have never left. The Way is a pilgrimage through form to remember that the Holy One, the living master of light, the ever innocent one, abides within you as your true self, regardless of all phenomena and circumstance. It is a journey taken in the worlds of form to integrate every emotion and human experience that is necessary for you to one day stand before the throne of your I Am Presence and pronounce yourself worthy of the immaculate divine love that you have always been, and always will be – eternally.

~Mahavatar Babaji & Jesus. 

I share this prayer to remind you that every challenge you have faced has prepared you to reach the potential of your power. 
Your experiences and relationships shape you for this process of becoming, but YOU must find yourself worthy to receive what is possible and what you desire. 
Claim your worthiness powerfully…

~No one’s opinion has power over you.

~ Stick to your values and do not abandon your values trying to please others.

~ Do not compare yourself to others. ~ Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness enables you to stop negative self-talk by helping you to be self-aware.

The Universe is compelled to bring into all forces to make things happen for you. It is YOUR responsibility to believe that you are worthy.


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