The Waters of Vulnerability

“As I awaken to the limits of my physical body, vulnerability is seen in a new way. Will I deny it or will I embrace it, will I introduce fear or will I remember love.”  
Walking the path of vulnerability is not an easy task for any of us. We all struggle in varying degrees with the willingness to accept and love ourselves unconditionally. Whether it’s in regards to our physical, emotional or mental body we sometimes refuse to recognize our breaking points. Instead we try and control, hold on to pride and toughen up.
When we deny our vulnerability we deny our sensitivity.  We are shutting out a part of life to escape the pain of our physical existence. Perhaps the pain we are avoiding is the very thing we really crave. Perhaps pain is the elixir that our inner alchemist brews for our redemption. Perhaps,  “pain is knowledge not yet understood.”
Life holds many experiences that we sometimes don’t expect. It pushes us in ways that makes us hold on for fear of what will happen if we let go. It challenges us to choose and molds us in ways it wants us to grow.  Like the tides of an ocean life is not predictable but it is constant, for it never ceases. With that we must learn to be like a raft on the oceans water, allowing the waters to take us where we are meant to travel.
Admitting our vulnerabilities is not a reflection of weakness but an expression of courage.  And with courage we stand in the light that we are imperfect in formation while being simultaneously perfect in potential. Through embracing who we are and leaving  judgment to the side we can allow compassion to find its way in, for ourselves and others.


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