The Sixth Chakra-The Third Eye

Location:  Brow
Influence: Brain, base of skull, nervous system, eyes, nose, pineal gland, pituitary gland.
Associative Color Indigo Blue
Central focus:  Self-reflection, the intellect, intuition, psychism, clairvoyance, truth, wisdom, illusion, imagination, dreams, visions, symbolism, archetypes, pattern recognition.
 This chakra relates to wisdom and the search for truth.  In the sixth chakra, “our purpose is  to see the way, and bring the light of consciousness to all that exist within and around us.” While our two eyes allow us to perceive the physical world the third eye sees beyond the physical plane into the world of symbology.  It is the task of this chakra to interpret and assimilate information into meaning that leads to self-reflection and understanding. 
Dreams are the bridge to the unconscious. Through symbolisms in our dreams we can access unsolved missing pieces of ourselves and obtain broader creative vision in which to see life.  Our dreams can take us beyond the limits of the physical body where there is no linear time or space, allowing us to free feelings and movement we deny ourselves in our waking life.
Illusion is the shadow of this chakra. When we fixate on an image how we think something should be, we  are caught in misconception. The more we invest in the illusion the more difficult it is to let go of.  Like an addiction illusion does not give back it only takes from us, leading us to obsession and/or delusion.
We are equipped to search for the difference between illusion and truth, bridging the unconscious with the conscious.
In the sixth chakra lies the center of our intuition as well as our intellect and ability to reason . While the rational thinking mind is linked to our intelligence and affords us with the ability to learn and process information, our intuition serves as an internal compass to guide us through the non linear world.  Intuition can reveal itself in the language of silence, feeling, metaphor and imagery simulating us to pay attention  and be guided by it rather than conventional wisdom. It is the voice of our divine nature.
When we see the world solely through our intellect we ignore internal guidance and hidden perception, using control as our form of security; self-sabotaging and consequently creating a vicious cycle of repeated conditioned behavioral responses and choices. 
“One who understands others has knowledge;
one who understands himself has wisdom.”
the TAO
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