The Seventh Chakra

Location:  Top of head.
Influence: Cerebral cortex, upper skull, skin.
Associative Color:    Violet or White or Gold 
Central focus:  Connection to spirit, enlightenment, self-realization, fulfillment, faith, individuation, humanitarianism, , selflessness, transcendence, attachment.
We work our way up awakening each chakra to arrive at a form of enlightenment in the Crown Chakra. This is not a journey’s end, but a rebirth and beginning that which some describe as “Kundalini Awakening”. 
Here in the seventh chakra awareness of our spirit is realized and our connection to a more encompassing spirit outside ourselves. This spiritual connection is not religion. Religion speaks to the tribal mind and is associated with the first chakra.
When we awaken to the seventh chakra we are open to cosmic energy that is linked with Divine wisdom and thought. At this level the intellect is abandoned and the experience of a “knowing” is realized as is an established connective cord to the Divine. 
As our awareness increases, it allows us to expand outward to encompass a larger portion of the universal field of consciousness and collective wisdom integrating the Divine into our physical lives. Our individual thoughts transcend our instinctual nature (lower ego) to sense our interconnectedness to the greater whole.  We discover our universal Identity to the “One Life.”

With this new recognition of “self” the transformation from the tribal mind to the intuitive mind reveals itself. Our detachment from instinctual and tribal conditioning reveals an awakened recollection of our soul nature, initiating individual thought separate from tribal first chakra thinking. Although this may indicates a solo outcome the contrary is true, for the initiate has realized the greater aspect to the understanding of being part of something bigger. It is here when selflessness and humanitarian efforts are set in motion; giving through service without an expectation of personal (lower ego)gain. 
Attachment is a shadow of the seventh chakra that holds us anchored in fear and survival.  If we are not able to transform our perceived systems of safety we will forever resist a deeper connection to something outside of our own physical existence. Thus allowing the Addict archetype to hold hostage the Mystic within.

“It is your work in this life that is the ultimate seduction.”
                          Pablo Picasso

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