The Reality of Your Truth will be the Paradigm of Your Beliefs.

Saturn’s trek out of Scorpio (June 2013- Sept 2015) brings you out of the dark, emotional crevasses of your psyche and into the light of truth in Sagittarius.

Saturn, the planet of authority and responsibility, will continue to transit through the mutable fire sign Sagittarius until December 2017. A two and a half year period of inspection, focus, serious work, and sacrifice to rebuild your Judge, Teacher/Sage, and Visionary archetypes within the Self. This is a time of expansion out into the larger world, a search for understanding to bring clarity and meaning to your personal and collective aspirations of the future.

Saturn represents time, commitment, and the mature assessment of reality. Self-discipline is required to re-assemble what has crumbled or become unstable. During Saturn’s travel through Sagittarius the focus is on beliefs, faith, and hopes, in addition to moral, ethical, and political dilemmas. At this time you will question spiritual, philosophical, and intellectual principles, as to broaden your vision and restructure the higher thinking mind. Your attention is on the experience of who you are and what do you believe. 

Sagittarius is the Archetype of the seeker. It shows how to expand your vision, search out adventure, and evolve new ideas and information. It is the wise counsel and leadership that are driven toward freedom and the future in the name of truth.

This dynamic combination of these themed energies will challenge you to stretch beyond established limitations. The messages here are filled with opportunity for growth and wisdom by seeing through your veils of outdated paradigms that no longer serve your higher good, as well as society’s. And in this cycle when truth is discovered, Saturn will demand you to deal with it.

Will this cycle equate to reward or consequence for you? Ask what your paradigm of beliefs are: limited view or limitless sight. Begin to see life using symbolic sight, risk and seize new opportunities and ideas that can liberate your mind to possibilities beyond borders and illuminate wisdom within not yet known. 

Here are some questions you will want to ask yourself.

What are my dreams? 
Will I be able to fulfill them?
Am I stuck in a box?
How can I liberate myself?
What gives Life meaning for me?
What are my beliefs systems?
Do my belief systems limit me?
What am I learning?
What am I teaching?
What is the truth? 

Written by: Teresa Campos and Corey Gilbert

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