“The only thing that is constant is change.”

  The intension of this blog is to share information, contemplate life and to ask questions.  I do not claim to have any answers to these questions I ask. The only answers I have are to my own personal beliefs, which can sometimes change daily based on any given experience.  

 Is change the initiation for chaos?  Do we seek transformation or does transformation seek us? Transitions, letting go, surrendering to what cannot be controlled. “Everything must stay the same” a mantra that we all live with inside the human condition of the ego. If you think you can escape this, look again. “Yes, I want change to happen, I understand that it needs to happen but please don’t let everything turn to chaos.” Again I ask, is chaos the initiation to transformation?  Change moves us from one pattern into something new. In this process a pattern must be broken for the new pattern to be created. When something breaks, fragmentation occurs. The law of natural order. This fragmented outcome becomes the chaos. Whether we initiate the change or it is “put upon us” , chaos will occur. This sort of non-localized energy where there is no order, as least from our limited perspectives, can send us spinning into fear of the unknown.  Is chaos really something to fear? The unknown can always feel quite daunting. Why? If we can understand that change is constant, not from the perspective of our ego but from the depth of our soul, then isn’t it possible to find peace within the divine chaos; the ego’s intention vs the soul’s purpose?

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