The Great American Solar Eclipse

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Sun in Leo, New Moon In Leo

Eclipse: “loss of significant power or prominence, depriving self and other of your light, brilliance.” Greek origin: “fail to appear.”
You ARE a star! 
The earth, sun and moon alignment, summons a shadow journey or dark night of the soul, revealing, for youand for America. As darkness occurs what has been hidden emerges, to be seen in the light. Known and unknown, provoking bold choices and transformative struggle. 
Flow of energy is disrupted with an eclipse. Endings and beginnings are activated, death to previous ways of being, followed by a resurrection into the hope of wiser more soulful ways of living. It is the hero/heroines journey for redemption from its shadowy tomb. A new cycle of light and hope can potentially commence. Individually and collectively this archetypal pattern of energy will demand to be answered.

Leo’s energy brings forth the archetypal theme of leadership; the call to step forward onto a bigger stage in life and be star. Unencumbered by what others judge, it is Leo’s destiny to shine. Shadow leadership is also on deck, coming fully into the light to be seen, accounted for, forgiven, transformed and ultimatley healed.

What is so compelling about this eclipse is the many symbolic signs it represents. This ISN’T just a spectacle to see but an event for us to feel. Whether we understand the full meaning or even partial meaning of what it represents from an evolutionary position, it is here with divine timing to effect us all energetically. We are not just flesh, we are energy and made from the very particles that stars are made.

I invite you all to not only witness this with your eyes but with an open heart. Say a prayer for the healing and transformation of America. Stand confident with who YOU are and what you are here to do as a servant, peace-walker, and remember to be a star. We are entering a time in life where everything must be entirely in integrity and from love. That means abandoning the charade that it is “them” and not “all.” 

You’ve only just begun…
This article is a very brief description of what this eclipse signifies, and what it will continue to echo. If you would like to dive deeper into how this event will be effecting you, contact me.


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