The Art of Living…Be the Artist of Your Life Your Love and Your Beauty.

As I strive to bring balance into my life I reflect on the choices that I have made which create the art of my life.

Balance is a natural state of being. It is inside all of us but gets lost in the chaos of our lives by the choices we make in reaction to how we feel.

Living a life of balance does not mean that everything is perfect or stable. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have struggle or feel pain. What it does embody is living with life’s natural rhythm and cycles in synchronicity to our own internal rhythms. Balance is a state of being where the various aspects of life and ourselves are working as an integrated whole.

To begin to reclaim our natural state of balance, practicing the art of being in present time connects us to our body’s own rhythmic patterns. In doing so we are able to hear and feel our body’s subtle movements of synchronized directives that assist in guiding us toward choices, which resonate with life’s ebb and flow. How we choose to interact with this creative process within determines the emotional pressures that we feel daily.

Living in present time requires intention. And intention requires a conscious awareness to which time zone you invest your spirit in. Are you stuck in the past living in regret, in the future trying to control it or are you “being” in the present?

Life is continuum energy, we are set in motion by how we respond or react to it based on our perception of how that energy is affecting us. If we are living in states of internal chaos we are unaware of how we really feel and miss the subtle signals that our body communicates to us. 

So as I sit and struggle to sometimes find my balance I remember that I am responsible for how I choose to be with my energy and the dynamic nature of life’s energy. And in those moments of overwhelming emotion I can choose to unearth my inner knowing of balance within. By bringing presence to the moment and remembering that although I know I cannot control life, I know I can control how I choose to be with it.


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