“I Seek My Self Through What I Have”

Symbolized by the Bull, Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. “The Penetrating Light of the Path,” Taurus seeks to establish a deeper meaning and value in life through lessons of non-attachment.

Connected to the principle of Illumination and the Archetype of the Artist, the task of Taurus is to cast light upon the physical world with beauty and harmony through form. In doing so, the energetic vibration of the physical plane heightens, freeing the ego from the nature of desire to attachment. 

The immature Taurus lives in an instinctive attachment to the material world. Motivated by practical outcomes and “stuff” Taurus gives greater significance to the literal mind rather than intuitive inspiration. The paradox being, trapped by the very same physical plane it seeks to transform. Willfully seeking the desires of earthly pleasures its pursuits to have more of everything directs the choices of taurus and thus determining  its personal value(s) and self esteem.

What you value and your self-esteem determines where your energy will be directed. And that energy shapes the expression in which your reality is formed. 

When (and if) consciousness awakens the urge to release the desire to possess, for the sake of the ego, is confronted. Through this awakening Taurus’s relationship with the material world and the ego evolves.The artist within is born from this transformation, inspiring beauty and harmony and sharing it with the world. 

Find your inner artist and express it. Align with your internal calling. Live why you were put here on this earth plane!


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