Taurus…The Archetype

“I Seek My Self Through What I Have”
Symbolized by the Bull, Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. “The Penetrating Light of the Path,” Taurus seeks to establish a deeper meaning and value in life through lessons of non-attachment.
Connected to the principle of Illumination and the Archetype of the Artist, its task is to cast light upon the physical world with beauty and harmony through form. In doing so, it raises the energetic vibration of the physical plane freeing itself from the nature of desire to attachment. Its challenge is not to become trapped by the very same physical plane from which it seeks to transform.
The initial stage of Taurus is an instinctive attachment to the material realm. Motivated by practical outcomes it gives greater significance to literal mind action than intuitive inspiration. Willfully seeking the desires of earthly pleasures its pursuits to have more of everything directs “blind will” thus determining personal value(s) in one’s life.
As consciousness develops the urge to release the desire to possess is confronted. The ego struggles to transform to “conscious” life by virtue of the soul.
As Taurus awakens to a more holistic expression of itself it gives meaning to “the art of living.” Its creative expression grows into spiritual aspiration where Divine will becomes focused.  Desire gives way and enslavement becomes liberation from attachment. 
The Archetype of Taurus teaches us to illuminate our lives. Since personal desire and what we value determine where our energies and will are directed, our need to “posses” can be illuminated here more clearly. And asking ourselves how we can supplicate Divine Beauty and Harmony to infuse matter (form) with Spirit to restore and heal the planet is our work for us here in Taurus.
Transcending the physical plane is “Harmony through Conflict.”

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