The Heartbeat of Mother Earth

Connect With Your Ancestors Through the Heartbeat of Mother Earth The drum holds an ethereal power embedded in the heart of indigenous cultures worldwide. It represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth. As the rhythmic beat of the drum reverberates through the air, its pulses awaken your senses and invoke unity with the past. Let’s explore […]

The Power of The Soul

The Power of The Soul Embracing the depth of your soul is an empowering journey that goes beyond your personality’s desires. It is a profound connection with wisdom that resonates with your Spirit. In this fast-paced world, feminine energy urges you to cease the frantic search for answers and surrender to the profound knowing within.  […]

Awaken to the Magnificence Within 

Awaken to The Magnificence Within Embracing the innate light within us is pivotal in our lives. We often find ourselves captivated by the radiance others possess, yet fail to recognize the brilliance that resides within. This blog post aims to empower and inspire you to awaken to your worthiness, beauty, and magnificence. It is time […]

Unleash The Year of The Dragon | 2024

Unleash the Magic of the Year of the Dragon Let’s enter the enchantment of the Year of the Dragon, a time of immense power, transformation, and infinite possibilities. With its majestic wings, the Dragon carries the essence of fire, passion, and energy, inspiring you to discover true power. As we explore the magic of this […]

Winter Solstice 2023

Embrace the Winter Solstice 2023 and Welcome In New Beginnings As the year draws to a close, nature offers us a profound opportunity for introspection and renewal. On December 21, 2023, the Winter Solstice marks the longest night and the shortest day of the year. A celestial event shrouded in mystery and wonder, it invites […]

An Invitation For Deep Reflection

An Invitation For Deep Reflection What does Scorpio represent for you? While we’ll all feel its effects differently because we’re all wired differently, it’s a safe assumption that between now and November 22, you’ll make at least one deep dive into your inner world and take at least one walk on the wild side. Understanding […]

Tantra – True Body Consciousness

Body Consciousness is Body Connection Have you ever wondered what Tantra was really about? Tantra is true body consciousness. It is a spiritual path that invites you to become deeply aware and connected with your body, mind, and spirit. It teaches you to embrace the present moment to live with consciousness and intention in every […]

Upon Reflection – Mt. Shasta 2023

Mt. Shasta | The Gifts I began a deep dive into the book The Sophia Code three years ago, which led me on a mystical journey to the powerful realms of Mt Shasta. Nestled majestically in the Northern California wilderness, this enigmatic mountain beckoned me. As I ventured into the heart of Mt. Shasta, I […]

Mercury Retrograde 2023 | August 23-Sept. 15

Your Connection to The Sacred Your Connection to Consciousness With the arrival of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, we find ourselves in a unique cosmic dance with archetypal energies guiding you to remember, re-align, and re-establish all that links you to the Sacred. This celestial event invites you on a journey of devotion and introspection, reminding […]

The Majesty of the Lions Gate: A Gateway to Higher Potential – 8/8/23

A Gateway to Higher Potential Discover the extraordinary power behind the upcoming Lions Gate on 8/8/23, a celestial portal that activates your higher self, promoting profound illumination and personal transformation. Read further to explore this sacred event’s inner sanctum and unlock the limitless possibilities that await. Embracing the Lions Gate Mystique As the cosmic clock […]