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Who Are You Here to Be?

Live Your Purpose.

Your Life's Design Program

Your Life’s Design Program is designed to awaken your power, heal your spirit, and unleash your potential. This exclusive program has the fundamental principles to access your inner consciousness and align with your higher self.

One of the key aspects of the program is its focus on helping you connect with your higher self. You will learn how to listen to the guidance of your higher self and how to align your actions and goals with your true purpose. This will help you live a deeply fulfilling life aligned with your deepest values and aspirations.

60-Minute Focused Sessions

  • Body Intelligence

Body Intelligence is about understanding the connection between your physical body and overall well-being to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life. By shifting your vibration, you can transcend limiting beliefs and patterns that may hold you back, allowing you to experience a new reality more aligned with your highest potential. This involves paying attention to the messages your body is sending and learning how to respond with care and compassion.

  • Body Connection 

Learn to love your body and how self-acceptance/love/care is connected to your spiritual self-development for the emergence of your higher self. This means learning to love and accept your body for what it is rather than judging it based on unrealistic societal standards. Self-acceptance, love, and care are essential for physical health, spiritual growth, and the development of your higher self. When you nourish your body with the proper nutrients, movement, and rest, you will feel more connected to your true self and more capable of expressing your unique gifts and talents.

  • Healing Guidance

If you are feeling overwhelmed or challenged, finding the support and guidance you need to move forward can be complex. But, sometimes, we all need help to find our way through difficult times, and that’s where this 60-minute healing session comes in.

During this session, you will receive personalized support and guidance using wisdom tools and teachings to you, helping you to release any negative energy or emotions that are getting in the way.

Through this process, you will gain valuable insights and tools that you can use to continue to heal and grow long after the session has ended. Whether you are struggling with a specific issue or simply feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your life, this healing session can help you move forward with renewed clarity and purpose.

Astrology Readings

  • Imagine having a blueprint that could help you understand your life path. Astrology is a powerful tool of science & spirit that enables you to explain the design of your life.

     Astrology provides a map of the soul, revealing your strengths, challenges, and purpose, giving you clarity and insight into your life path. As an Intuitive Astrologer, Teresa uses the wisdom of the cosmos to illuminate your path ahead.


Your Life's Community

This Tri-monthly group is designed for individuals seeking community and connection with like-minded souls.

Throughout our sessions, we delve into concepts of spirituality and explore various teachings that will enrich your life. In addition, we share knowledge while incorporating the observations from your astrological birth chart better to comprehend your personality and clarity your life path.

Shasta Sacred Journey

In the spirit of freedom, love, and power, explore the healing energy of Mt. Shasta and connect with your Divine nature through the beauty and grace of Mother Earth. 

September 28-October 2. 2023


Workshops and Courses


  • Archetypes and Your Soul Contracts. Self-paced online course. 


Your Life's Design Program

If you are ready to transform your life, join me for a journey of awakening.

You will receive one-on-one sessions organically designed to support your life path every step of the way. In addition, you will have all-access text and email support throughout our time together, allowing you to reach out in between your regularly scheduled calls.

Experience the power of all my transformative tools in one program.

Astrology Readings

Imagine having a blueprint that could help you understand your life path. Astrology is an amazing tool of science and spirit that helps you explain the design of your life. It will explain why you attract and repeat particular experiences, and provide you with a deeper understanding of all your relationships, what lessons they are here to provide for you, and validation that perhaps things happen for a reason.

Your Life's Design Community

Your Life’s Design Bimonthly Community is designed for individuals who are ready to give rise to a new way of being and claim a powerful life. This community is tailored to align every participant with exactly what they are needing to learn while being fully supported in and out of the group experience.

Courses & Workshops

Self-paced online Courses: 

  • Archetypes and Your Soul Contract. 

Who Are You Here To Be?

Have Questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions:

You will receive the support , guidance and tools needed for your healing journey.

An astrological reading will give you a blueprint for the challenges and transformations that are guiding your life path. It will uncover the hidden patterns that may have you stuck looking for what’s next, or being out of alignment with your higher self. 

We are living in a time where the old way of being in the world can no longer sustain life on this planet. We are being ushered into the age of energy and out of the age of reason. 

In order for humanity to make this transition, we must awaken and heal from the separation that we now live in.

Client Reviews

Working with Teresa helped me understand why I feel so compelled to do the work I'm doing. She helped me focus my attention and energy on both actions and ways of being that will support me in getting my work out in a bigger way, with less stress and more ease. I feel clearer and more confident in the path ahead of me.

Sandy R.

Teresa has provided me with guidance for the last 6 years. Her insights into strengths and weaknesses in me have been invaluable.I can now understand fixed propensities, as well as how I can work with them. I greatly value her emphasis on psychological / spiritual growth, and the ways in which I can transform my life.

Rachel E..

Working with Teresa has helped me to understand a deeper meaning about life and why i am here. Her intuitive guidance and wisdom gave me the courage to make some hard choices I had been avoiding, trust life and be comfortable with the unknown path ahead.

Mary L.

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