Scorpio Season – The Archetype

What Must You Transform?

As we fast approach, yet again, another wave of the “pandemic of fear”, many emotions have resurfaced or gained strength. Yet throughout these testing seven months, we have seen:

  • Acts of bravery from those working on the front lines. 
  • Moments of overcoming difficulties from those who have been badly affected.
  • Inventiveness from those who have used the lockdown as a catalyst for turning their lives around.
  • The strengthening of relationships with friends and loved ones.

Such traits are actually hallmarks of Scorpio, the season in which we are set to enter. Whether you were born under Scorpio or not, this is the archetypal theme of now.

The passion of Scorpio is to understand the source of life. To do this, it must comprehend its counterpart, the power of death. The sign of “Rebirth” transforms shadow to light, death to immortality, and dives deep into the mystery of sex and creation.

Its predecessor, Libra, demonstrates equality between all. In Scorpio, it’s “the urge to merge.” Joining forces with another, Scorpio gives birth to new creation, metaphorically and literally. This regenerative cycle of Scorpio is symbolized as follows:

The Scorpion is the initial primal phase of development. Focused on itself, it seeks power in many forms of one ego over another for supremacy. This instinctive struggle drives Scorpio to a battle to the death with its opponent; killing off what threatens it from victory. This arduous cycle of conflict will eventually become the impetus from which Scorpio will shift its unconscious relationship with power and begin its journey of transformation.

As Scorpio begins to evolve from its primal nature, awareness expands and the impulse to look deeper within arises. Here, Scorpio is met with the archetype of the Serpent, signifying the need to transform. As consciousness transpires, hidden aspects of the self that once lie unrecognized in shadow come to light, and shedding of the skin occurs. How many people have adapted or transformed themselves during 2020? Whether out of necessity or from the realization that they don’t have to work a job they dislike, that they can look deeper at themselves and walk a path they neglected years ago.

This shedding of the skin represents the transformative journey of enlightenment, which we all must make. As the personality of the ego struggles to survive so will the serpent and its venom.

As awakening continues, the Eagle is now met. Somewhat attached to subtle forms of power, even if not for personal gain, Scorpio’s nature of desire is now realizing the uselessness of such pursuits. It knows it must “slay the dragon within” and become victorious above the lower impulses of the ego. This point of departure is from which the Eagle will soar high above the lands.

The sharp eye of the Eagle has a clarity of sight and chooses how it will respond. Knowing it cannot control the winds of life, Scorpio observes rather than strikes.

To further transform, Scorpio knows it must first die. Only with death can Scorpio be reborn. Rising out of the ashes, the Eagle is transformed and resurrected into the Phoenix. The desires and fears of the personality no longer reside in the shadows. Fear of darkness no longer dictates survival, and Scorpio trusts the flow of life, transcending desire into selflessness and fear into love. It is here that Scorpio becomes a vessel of transformation, bringing shadow to light and death to immortality.

If we can all see ourselves through the cycle of Scorpio’s journey, we can know that the path of life is filled with a series of little deaths. We all grow and are changed by the relationships and challenges encountered along our way. If we can leave behind what no longer serves us, whether we choose to or whether it has been chosen for us, we can shed our skin and be regenerated.

True power is life force energy and its purpose is to be life-giving. The embodiment of this archetype symbolizes the immortality of the soul. By seeing beyond our personality through the evolution of Scorpio and into the soul realm, we learn that life is everlasting and that death is transformation. But if we give the meaning of the word “life” a physical value we will fear its physical opposite, death.

Scorpio season certainly appears to speak strongly of our current times.

Namaste. Teresa

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