Scorpio Full Moon

Find the Beauty in Letting Go

We are all currently walking the burning ground of transformation.  

The Full moon in Scorpio ushers us into the theme of death and rebirth. Will you rise or fall, will you expand or remain, will you die and be reborn?

The depth of this Scorpio full moon dives you deep into the art of letting go. 

Just like a snake must shed its skin, so must you; it is a natural force of nature. Take an inventory of areas in your life you can let go of, that no longer serve your higher good.

A financial situation, a habit, a mindset, or even a fear. What awaits you is the beauty of the other side. 

When you release the pain of letting go, you can look back and see where you have been. It now makes sense, just like pieces of a puzzle, it all fits. Endings bring about the reminders of what could have been, what has been lost, and what needs to die.

There may be emotional sensitivity and confusion that is looking for answers and a place to release. Hold tight from projection and acting out; scorpio likes to sting. Its unconscious instinctual nature runs deep. Instead, ask yourself, what is really going on inside that I am afraid of letting go, or that I don’t know the outcome to? 

Something new will  emerge. With every death there is rebirth…this is cosmic law. 

Stop trying to control it. Time for the battle to end…find the beauty in the ending.



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  1. Thanks, that really fits for me about letting go of fears of being myself and trusting others. It is a time to go all the way and come out the other side. New birth of the old self. Blessings to you my friend!🌟

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