Saturn revisits Scorpio: Mid June through mid September 2015

As we swing back into Saturn in Scorpio we are given the opportunity to revisit the Victim Archetype and break out of it’s suffering. The intensity of this retrograde (re-evaluation) brings our Shadow to the surface to face what we have tried to bury in the past. Saturn calls this “being responsible”.

The time is ripe to address emotional entanglements of co-dependency, helplessness, control, and power plays that have attempted to create barriers to a true state of inner strength and vulnerability. This victimization of self, and others, must be willingly revealed and dismantled to allow a more mature and authentic emotional life to unfold.

Depression, grief, fear, and doubt are the feelings that may accompany a descent back into the rabbit hole that the Victim must face. A conscious re-structuring of emotional and energetic debts, boundaries, and all forms of addictions are necessary to allow the light to shine upon the Shadow, allowing us to more fully own other aspects of ourselves that have been overshadowed by our inner Victim.

Walking through this Saturn in Scorpio time is a sort of death. We are being asked to let go of what must die so that something new can be formed, restructured and incorporated. The healing of these old wounds brings a newfound sense of maturity through responsible action and the capacity to master our deep emotions with authentic vulnerability, not control.

Written by: Teresa Campos and Corey Gilbert.

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