Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio

On October 5 transiting Saturn moved into the sign of Scorpio where it will remain for approximately for the next 2 1/2 years.

Saturn is the planet that structures our lives through achievement and responsibility.  Saturn is known for its “taskmaster” qualities, testing our character through limitation. The lessons associated with Saturn shows us where potential lies through the paradoxical box it seemingly holds us in.

Scorpio deals with the inner sanctums of life and the underworld of our psyche. There is nothing casual or aloof about Scorpio. Power, control, conflict, death/rebirth, vulnerability, secrecy, co-mingling of resources (connection), and sexuality are some of the key descriptions associated with Scorpio. Bringing a theme of intensity that gets down and dirty.

Saturn entering Scorpio’s realm immediately challenges control and power. Showing us the box we have built in the name of fear and summoning us to break free from its limitations. The key during this time is to accept the restrictions placed upon you by Saturn’s energy by giving up the control that Scorpio so desperately hangs on to in the name of invulnerability. Saturn in Scorpio teaches “restriction” is the letting go. In other words, surrender to what you cannot control. 

It is also a phase of maturity that Scorpio must face. An opportunity for us to take a look at our personal underworld and be responsible for clearing out what no longer serves us and use our power wisely. With a Saturn cycle we are asked to examine our deepest inadequacies and transform them into strength and mastery moving towards maturity and growth.

The transformational nature and emotional drive of Scorpio wants to feel deeply and intimately, not only sexually but also on every level. Saturn examines Scorpio’s Pandora’s box of unspoken desires and sober realities forcing us to wake up from the dream we have structured our lives around. 

So prepare yourselves for a journey into the underworld, be open minded and willing to accept your limitations regardless of how uncomfortable you become.  You will be asked to let go of the “dead bodies” of your past, face your most hidden fears and die only to be reborn again.

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