Practicing Mindfulness Through Conscious Living

Conscious living is the awareness of one’s own existence, thoughts, feelings, sensations and surroundings. It is being fully in the present moment, grounding you in your physical body while simultaneously having full activity of your mind and your internal knowing (intuition). It is a linear and nonlinear state of being. It is the place where spirit and matter (the physical world) reside within you. 

Why is this important to cultivate and integrate this practice into your life?
It is important because consciousness gives rise to the understanding of yourself and your life. It teaches you to be aware of what emotions arise to understand what your feeling, what thoughts are floating in your mind and how your physical body feels.
It is not only about personal awareness but also about the awareness of others. Consciousness expands your perspective to see beyond your own story and into the stories of others. It allows you to see them objectively rather than just reacting subjectively. Thus cultivating compassion through consciousness.
When we are conscious there is a relevancy that is brought to your environment, which brings richness to your experiences because you are fully present in that moment. Consciousness shows you how to connect with spirit and your Divine Guidance. It opens the portholes to a consciousness greater than you; some call this God, others say Universe, I call it Life.
Consciousness takes effort, but it is worth it. The more conscious you are, the more you are truly awake and alive and the more positively you can direct your life.
Be the Artist of your Love, your Life and your Beauty, through Conscious Thought.
Thoughts are forms of energy. These forms of energy are felt whether you are consciously aware of them or not. This energy radiates outward and permeates the environment around you. You will internally interpret these “qualities of effect,” which you will respond to consciously and subconsciously, and this will determine your reaction to every situation you encounter. 
Thoughts are powerful action.
·      What quality of energy do you radiate and how does it permeate into life and others around you?
·      Does it feel like love or judgment?  
·      Does your quality of energy contain joy, peace, beauty, and self-acceptance or does it hold anger, hate, self-loathing and fear?     
·      What type of energies do you surround yourself with?

 Thank you, Namaste.

“The more I love the more I know.” William Meader

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