Pisces…The Archetype

“The soul is the Middle Way as it stands between and mediates the primary polarity of life: Spirit and matter. The Soul therefore acts as an intermediary between the Essence of Life and its various forms of manifestations. Thus Soul provides the necessary channels through which consciousness may exteriorize and we may come to know ourselves. The grace of this knowing is that in the process, each of us comes to identify ourselves eventually as Divinity in manifestation. We learn this through the frequently painful process of transformation. We thus grow and develop until we finally realize that the quality of our consciousness, of our Soul, is Love.” –A.Q.


Two fish connected by a cord facing opposite directions symbolizes the sign of Pisces.  Both of these representations signify the duality of the separation of the soul and the personality. The cord connecting the two fish is the Middle Way that allows Unity to replace duality. Swimming in the waters of consciousness Pisces struggles to fuse the lower and higher nature of self that is always at work in our daily lives.
This inner division is initially present, as the personality/ego has not yet learned to yield to the call of the soul. Imprisoned and bound by form it is not free to experience and express its own nature. 
In our everyday struggle to find balance and live with a purpose we wrestle with living the call of the soul.  This is the grail of Pisces that each of us live whether or not we are born under this sign.
Our initial attempts to find peace from within will be sought outwardly. And in our immaturity we will seek to satisfy the desires of the personality without any knowing regard to the enslavement of the soul.
Each of us has something that we are here to contribute and be in service of. Some of us have a clearer picture of what that may be while others struggle to find their clarity. Regardless of where we are at along the journey the Archetype of Pisces is represented here.
As we discover and follow our purpose we begin to release the agenda of the personality and transform, allowing spirit to be our guide. Giving way to the control of the personality the soul is then set free to do its work through us, out in the world. It is here we are able to transform our lives and the lives of others.

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