Pisces New Moon

Write a Love Story

The magical time of the New Moon is an initiation point from which you reflect back on your old world, plan ahead to the new, and use the darkness of the sky as a limitless possibility; you are your only limitation. 

The dreamy nature of Pisces invites you to close your eyes and imagine a better life for yourself and for the world around you. Allow your Magical Child to run wild without rules and open your heart to innocence lost. The only threat is your lack of trust. 

The mutable energy of this New Moon is activating subtle but powerful changes that can only be accessed by listening to your intuition and calling in the wisdom of your Divine Inheritance.

Do you feel the unrest of unfulfilled desires and unlived potential inside you?

This new moon offers a chance to reflect, clarify your visions and heighten your awareness. The spiritual, romantic, artistic nature of Pisces could serve as a blank canvas for writing your dream love story, or perhaps some new inspiration to help guide your decisions forward.

Honor what matters most to you and surround yourself with the allegiance of “find the good in everything, including yourself.” 

Aho. Teresa 

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