Braving The Self

Key #1


Passion is the intense desire that lives in every one of us. It drives our minds and hearts, guiding us to fufill our desires. It fills us with love, joy and confirms our purpose which connects us with life. Passion drives possibility and creativity while inspiring us to grow. It challenges wrongs and values truth. Passion is the life force energy that ignites our internal desire to manifest the potential of who we are. It inspires us to walk a path of a Spiritual Warrior.

As a young girl getting ready to graduate from high school I felt pressure to choose a direction that I thought my parents wanted for me.I contemplated giving in to the those expectations but ultimately I knew I would follow my heart at that time and go to Cosmetology school.

What direction do you feel called to pursue, but are held back because of feeling incapable or unworthy of it?
Excerpt from my book Braving The Self, The Journey of a Spiritual Warrior 
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