New Moon in Taurus

Stability...not so easy to satisfy right now.

As with every new moon the sky is shadowed and the moon’s light cannot be seen. The new moon is rich with symbolism, representing a time of great self-awareness and where hopes and visions for the future can manifest. It is a time to rest, recharge and renew. And yet every new moon will feel different depending on the astrological influences that are present. 

This new moon is in the element of earth and in the sign of Taurus. These energies are associated with stability, feeling grounded, a practical ability to navigate the material world, security; as it pertains to your stuff, money, resources, your values, what you value and feeling “comfy.” The practicality of these qualities reflect where you might be stuck in rut, or a loop.. 

Taurus is a creature of habit. So when the comforts of everyday living are disrupted and feelings of security is  challenged, restlessness occurs. While the earth may be standing still right now, you, or others around you, may not be. The new moon invites you into a time to reflect on what is and set your intentions forward. Acting out is the resistance to sitting with your shadow and listening to what it has to share with you. 

Namaste, Teresa

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