New Moon Leo

The Lion Must Roar

We have entered into the fiery nature of Leo’s dynamic energy. Ruled by the great star of the sun, Leo knows that no matter how dark things may get, the light of the sun will always rise; you’ll want to remember this when feeling challenged.

New Moons are a time of planting seeds; using the darkness of the sky as a limitless possibility.

This new moon energy brings forth strong masculine power and potential discord. It is primed with the motivation to resolve any deep-rooted patterns that have been troubling you for quite some time. 

Because the fiery passion for change ignited by this fire moon may be making you impatient, along with everyone else, the desire to lash out will be hard to control. The best approach will be to be flexible, open-minded, and heart-centered with all your decisions – reminding yourself that the only dragon that must be slain is the one within. 

The challenges of your outside circumstances are only temporary. They are here to help you see your inner lion whose nature is to love big and roar loud. Allow your inner child to embody its creative adventurous spirit, and don’t be afraid if you have to become the center of attention to do so. 

This is a time of raw authentic power that only a Leo Moon can roar!

Namaste. Teresa 

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