New Moon In Virgo

New Moon In Virgo


The darkness of the new moon turns our attention inward. A time of deep reflection is the opportunity to open our third eye to the inner stirrings of the soul whose wisdom is waiting. For only in darkness do we amplify the sense of sight to see deeply.

The sign of Virgo is represented by the archetype of the Virgin. The Virgin is someone who is complete unto themselves. They are not at mercy of others to validate or make them whole. This archetype teaches us to honor ourselves at all times and love every part of our being. It is about commitment and dedication to ourselves, leaving self-abandonment behind.

This is the perfect time to re-evaluate the rituals and routines we have adopted in our life. Even if we feel there are things we wish we would do but are struggling with, because that too has become a “behavioral routine”. Ask yourself: “What can I commit to?”  “What do I need to clear out in order to make room for what will bring me into balance?” “What new mini-routines can I begin?”

Virgo’s demon is perfection. Do not allow this venom to infiltrate you into inaction. Remind yourself of the commitment and dedication you have to your life as a Spiritual Warrior. Brave the truth that is revealed during this time, and when the dawn breaks open, you will see.

Namaste, Teresa

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