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Are You Nourishing Yourself?

What are the “superfoods” of self-care that your physical, emotional, and
spiritual body needs right now?

The new Moon in Taurus signals a fresh start for you to re-evaluate your personal care needs. This includes your earthly possessions, your value system, setting new boundaries, and what nourishes your spirit.

Sustainability is a keyword for Taurus, as it is always looking at how to best stabilize. So use this time to balance and recharge your energy field by taking an inventory of what is necessary for your life right now.

The tendency for Taurus energy is to be a “doer’, but in this case of the new moon, be like the recessive energy of the moon, retreat and reflect. Feel into what your body is telling you not your mind.

Taurus is the earth sign that relates deeply to what your body desires. The moon symbolizes your relationship with how you emotionally feed your body. The combination of these two elements brings forth powerful medicine that will help you align with what really feels true for you, and eventually, what action to take.

In order for you to get an accurate sense of this, you must be willing to go into the darkness of your internal world (your moon body). The darkness allows you to step away from the distractions of the outside world and hear the quiet. It is here where you will find the voice of guidance.


Speak only when you must and move with the flow of the Divine Feminine that runs deep within you.

Aho. Teresa

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