New Moon In Scorpio

 Sit in the raw power of this Scorpio new moon. Transform yourself by unearthing those buried fears that are lurking just below your surface. Then, take flight like the eagle, soar over the land, look below to the broaden perspective, observe what is really going on inside you.

Trust your instincts and move beyond the primal fears that keep you in the skin that you are in. You can only hide from perceived power and control for so long, until you are discovered, and your brilliance is seen, by you.
  • Be vulnerable to your passions and desires.
  • Your secret superpower is what the world is waiting for.
  • Healing is in the awareness.
The intensity of Scorpio demands your attention, and will get it one way or another. Surrender where you have been controlling and allow the intense energy of this new moon to take you deep into your underworld and into the depth of your internal knowing and soul contract. Who are you here to BE?

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