New Moon in Cancer

The Cosmic Mother On Fire

The giver of all life, the container for all intelligence both cosmic and linear. The Cosmic Mother speaks to the relationship of your inner home, your ability to feel grounded and your emotional womb of safety. 

How you seek shelter and emerge into this new world is activating uncertainty as you learn to navigate your re-entry. Triggered responses to unresolved old suffering, new found realizations and closure to past karmic relationships have surfaced. 

Cancer is the archetypal Mother and rules the heart. Now is the time to connect with your internal mother-heart and give yourself the care and considerations that only you know you need. Find what constitutes self-love and care and make those choices.

The new moon helps you to shine a spotlight on areas of your life where you are not as secure as you believed yourself to be; to know the light you must illuminate the shadow. The darkness of this moon teaches you this. 

Shifts in priorities will linger into the next few months ahead. For some it will be a welcome change to finally see where home lies, for others there will be adjustments, frustration and fear.  

No matter where you are, be prepared to meet the summer with new eyes like nothing you have ever seen before… because you haven’t.

From a world view…

The New Moon is activating the emotional sign of cancer. Coupled with other astrological forces there is an intensity that has been brought into the home front of society and security. The uprising of these forces will make apparent that the fate of the world is in jeopardy if we do not wake up. 

The threat is from inside the motherland. This “ring of fire” is the shadow of society’s wounds that have become systemic. The burning ground is upon us, so settle in and do your part.

Love, Teresa

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