New Moon Gemini

Listening Deeply

The magical time of the new moon is an initiation point from which you reflect back on your old world and look forward into the new. Decisions do not need to be made at this point, only felt. 

The symbol for Gemini is the twins. Making for multiple sides to consider and sometimes resulting in indecision. Gemini’s energy is constantly on the move, socially, communicatively and creatively with breaking news ready to share with all who will listen. Gemini loves versatility!

But let’s talk about the fact that Gemini is a twin. So while one is the social butterfly, the other will typically retreat. Understanding how to balance the duo nature of this energy is key and not always easy. “What decision shall I make?’ asks the indecisive Gemini. “Shall I stay or shall I go?”

The impulse of this combined energy of Gemini and the New Moon can feel a bit overwhelming if one does not enter into the inner knowing of the soul-self and embrace the multitude of possibilities as a gift not a burden.  Choice is a gift we have all been given as a co-creative force to change our lives and the world. How we use it is powerful.

New ideas and decisions can only enter in when we allow the space for them to do so. The confusion that Gemini can create is simply an aspect of the mind; something that this sign is ruled by. So the invitation here is to allow the veil to lift in its own time and drop into the subtle nature of soul. In doing so information is revealed through the body not the mind. The truth is there if you listen deeply. 

Namaste, Teresa.


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