New Moon Aries

Live a Prayer Everyday

The darkness of a New Moon turns your attention inward. A time to reflect back on your goals and re-evaluate. Objectivity is not present at this point in the moon cycle. This is not a time for making solid commitments or promises, as new information will emerge later that will change your creative process. 

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries: dynamic and fiery. Symbolized by the head of a Ram and ruling the function of the mind. Initiating the start of spring, Aries the warrior, drives itself towards new beginnings and creative impulses. 

As the world comes to a stand still, the darkness of this new moon asks you to enter into your inner world quietly; this internal world is the Cosmic Mother. She is the divine intelligence needed to facilitate the evolution of consciousness. Confronted by your shadow, and the person you truly want to be, you are being asked to self-reflect on the mystical truth, “All is One.” 

What keeps you separate from that truth are the distractions and addictions of the self imposed ego. These “shadow-selves” are the wounds that are now surfacing for healing. Aries symbolizes a fresh start and uses the mind to shatter old paradigm thinking that no longer serves oneself or humanity. The healing of you is the healing of humanity. But we (humanity) cannot outwardly evolve unless each one of us inwardly evolve.

Aries is the bringer of new life and hope. The mystical truth that “All is One” is the antidote. The world is different right now and will be changed because of our current situation. The questions is: will you expand and evolve or remain and repeat? Our world depends on your answer. Spend some time this New Moon (March 24th) in prayer for our future selves.

Namaste. Teresa 

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