My First 100 Days

 As I reflect back on MY first 100 days I feel like I’ve been binge watching a reality TV show. Truth and lies somewhat difficult to differentiate, lots of drama, the antagonist that most people don’t like, an unfolding of a circus of dysfunction that I just can’t stop watching. When will this show be cancelled I ask?

Through this time frame of 100 days there has been a few things that have become very clear to me. Some of which I mentioned in my article I posted shortly after the election results, Hope And My Inner America. I spoke of America’s shadow (the unconscious), and how important examining that refection is for world transformation; an outer refection can not change without first an internal one.

I knew when this earthquake (the results of the election) hit my psyche that it was more than just an outcome that had me spinning. It was a turning point, that was destined to happen in order for humanity to wake up and evolve further. Quite the paradox, throw unconsciousness out in world view in order to awaken consciousness.

I also knew it was a call for something more profound for myself. A movement inside, prompting me to get real and raw with why I am here and what I’m here to do. So over the last 100 days I have been asking myself these questions:

  • Am I living in alignment with my true self?
  • Who am I really here to be?
  • What is getting in the way of me living the life I truly desire?
  • How committed am I to that desire?
  • How can I serve humanity to be part of this awakening?

These internal questions also came with a message for me:

“Do not live an unanswered life, align with your Divine Contract and live it, for in doing so you are aligning yourself with the connective channel to Source (God) itself. Be who you are called to BE; unapologetically. Help others to do the same; that can change the world.” 

Tell me about your first 100 days? I know your life has been effected in some way. What are you choosing for yourself? What has been triggered for you and how have you been responding to those reactions?
A reminder: If you are relating to any of the following reactions it is where America’s shadow has animated yours. 

  • If you are judging, you are not seeing your own shadow.
  • If you are blaming, you are in Victim; unaware of an area or areas in your life where you are not owning full responsibility for the choices that have landed you in your current dissatisfied situation.
  • If you are angry you are living with pain that you haven’t yet acknowledged and need to heal. 
  • If you are feeling bullied look if you are honoring self-care, healthy boundaries and self-respect; all of which determine the choices needed to empower yourself. 
  • If you are living in fear, you are in Victim.
  • If none of these apply to you then refer to the Victim; denial and avoidance.

When you discover who you are here to BE (the true nature and essence of a person), I guarantee, you will bring light to your life purpose. I would love to assist you with defining Your Meaning of Life!

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