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What is in The Way of You Getting to The Soul of Your Life?

Healing Guidance

60-minute session


Body Intelligence Analysis

We all have access to vibrational force fields that can make us feel more vibrant and fully alive. These higher planes of energy take us out of the stuck and depressed states we find ourselves in. So what if you could shift your vibration, live a new reality, have more energy, and feel more alive? Would you do it? If your answer is yes, a body intelligence analysis is for you. Body intelligence is the emotional information system of your body. This intelligence includes the archives of your life’s design, as well as your intuitive guidance system. The archives control that which you are and your experiences.

Consequently, understanding the body’s intelligence is a critical factor in unlocking your authenticity and making choices that align with what you truly desire. This session will assess where your body is blocking you from moving forward and how to unlock that blocked energy. We will also evaluate your intuitive guidance system to help you gain greater access to your inner knowledge.

60-minute session

Investment: $175

Body Connection

Learning to love your body is a daily lesson. Fear of accepting your physical body can become a lifelong struggle. Society, early childhood conditioning, and biological inheritance force us to judge rather than love and accept ourselves. For that reason understanding that self-acceptance/love/care is connected to your spiritual self-development and the emergence of your higher self is fundamental. Non-acceptance only limits you.

Investment $175