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Teresa Campos

Life Design Strategist Teresa Campos provides an insightful experience when speaking to individuals and groups both small and large. In her compassionate and engaging style, she allows participants to satisfy their own curiosity about where they are and where they may go next in life or business. Teresa’s teachings leave participants with a new sense of clarity about their life, how to navigate mind and soul challenges, deeper connection, and most of all to feel fully alive. Her presence awakens each participant to open their mind to understanding their life path and taking action to live a fulfilled life.

Participants who are seeking answers to their purpose and the next steps in their lives are the ideal audiences. Individuals, CEOs, and athletes will gain new understanding of how to open their capacity to cultivate and achieve desired outcomes in their lives and careers. Every talk is tailored to the need of the audience at hand to ensure the best possible outcome for the participants and event organizers.

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Core Speaking Topics

This captivating talk takes the participants into the hidden world of unconscious behaviors and beliefs. Teresa makes clear that by braving the hidden aspects (shadow) of the self, the authentic self is revealed. She shares some of the key steps with anyone willing to take the arduous journey out of the shadow and step out of the superficial sense of self into their life contract. This provocative talk will challenge the audience to examine their own recessive nature, which also contains their hidden gifts. This talk has been designed especially for those who want to challenge the status quo and live a fulfilled and empowered life. Participants will be invited to explore and share their own hidden truths through experiential processes.

In this cutting-edge talk, Teresa will take you into the world of archetypes to help participants recognize ways in which patterns of behavior function within the paradigm of business and one’s personal life. She will introduce how the influences of archetypes will uncover hidden or denied aspects that can keep individuals struggling in the work environment, relationships, and at home.  This talk is guaranteed to leave the audience transformed, and equipped with tools to level up their life.

In this transformative talk, Teresa leads you into the discovery of the awakened self and what it means to live a soul centered life. She shares ways to identify and eliminate patterns that hold repeated cycles of unwanted outcomes, keeping you from discovering your soul purpose. You will gain a clear understanding of the developmental stages that will be faced along the journey. This core talk is geared toward individuals who currently find themselves at a crossroads in life and seeking what is next. Participants will receive action steps to help them clarify what steps to take next. 

Participants who experience this keynote presentation are introduced to ancient tools that reveal your life’s design and soul purpose. In her engaging style, Teresa illustrates concrete evidence of how these tools work and why they are important. Audiences find this information to be a key to understand their personal life story. This intriguing talk is for those who want to identify the unconscious patterns that keep them from making lasting changes in their lives. Attendees walk away with understanding more clearly how the design of their life has been purposefully created to fulfill and empower.

The focus of this core talk takes participants into their body’s emotional information system. In her engaging style, Teresa will share the importance of understanding how this system’s intelligence operates, which is the key factor for transformation to occur. She will explain how beliefs and thoughts shape memories. And how within those memories lies the interpretations and meanings that assign current experiences. She teaches simple tools that the participants can walk away with and use immediately. This talk provides concrete actions for those seeking to transform the emotional charges stored in the cellular memory of the body. 

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Teresa is an accomplished speaker, author and, coach to all those seeking a more fulfilled life. Her cutting edge program, Your Life’s Design (TM), provides participants with insights into the deep-rooted patterns that impede manifesting their true desires.

Her dedication to leading the life of a Spiritual Warrior has involved being a lifelong learner and practitioner of her own wisdom – teachings that are exemplified in her book Braving The Self.

Teresa’s ability to focus her skill as an intuitive has become very acute over the years – so much so that reading the language of the human body’s intelligence has become second nature. She has masterfully combined this skill with astrology and archetypal patterns to further deepen an understanding of an individual’s life contract. Not only can she decode for an individual, but she has also applied this intelligence toward her sense of the collective evolution of humanity.

Teresa is also an Ironman finisher, triathlete, and yoga teacher.


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