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Your Life’s Design - VIP Program

This exclusive program is designed for those who are ready to commit to a life of transformation and claim what they desire. You will receive personal one on one sessions designed to support your journey every step of the way and so much more. Experience the power of all of my transformative tools in one program and discover your truest self.

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Your Life’s Design Group Programs

These groups are designed for individuals who are ready to give rise to a new way of being and claim a powerful life. There is a group that will fit your needs no matter where you are on your soul path. Each group is tailored to align every participant exactly what they are needing to learn while being fully supported in and out of the group experience.

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Your Soul Contract Astrological Chart Readings

Imagine having a blueprint that could help you understand your life path. Astrology is an amazing tool of science and spirit that helps you explain the design of your life. It will explain why you attract and repeat particular experiences, give deeper understanding of all your relationships, what lessons they are here to provide for you, and validation that perhaps things happen for a reason.

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Get to The Soul of Your Business

...and to the business of your Soul. Your business has a soul purpose that is specific just to you and to whom you serve. As a Servant-Leader it is your responsibility to align with that soul purpose and share it with others. In this 60 minute session we will use the ancient tool of astrology to outline the direction, growth and challenges your business is currently facing. You will discover how to guide your choices more effectively to reach the vision and goals that your business is here to achieve. A recording of your session will be provided.

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Body Intelligence Analysis

Body Intelligence is the emotional information system of your body. Understanding the body’s intelligence is a key factor to unlocking your authenticity and being able to make choices that align with what you truly desire. In this session we will access where your body is blocking you from moving forward and how to unlock that blocked energy.

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