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Your Life Design Bi- Monthly Community

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Life Design Monthly Community

We all know that consistency is the key to self-transformation. This incredible monthly membership forum will give you just that! Consistent access to the powerful work that we do to tap into your own brilliance and power. 

The monthly membership will include a robust 90 minute group video session with coaching, tools and/or strategies to tackle our challenges with wisdom and grace. Huge support in our FB community will allow you to continue to show up and expand beyond your limits. There is no contract or minimum duration. This is here to fit when and how you need to show up.

Braving The Self

  • Uncover your Spiritual Warrior.
  • Discover your soul path.
  • Lean how to brave challenges and turn them into opportunities.
  • Finish this group with the confidence to make powerful choices that will transform your life.

The call to transform is a journey into uncharted territories that require courage to navigate the challenges you will meet along the way. This group program will provide and guide you to your own inner wisdom.

Stay tuned, details coming soon!

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