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Your Life Design Bi- Monthly Community

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Life Design Bimonthly Community

We all know that consistency is the key to self-transformation. This incredible monthly membership forum will give you just that! Consistent access to the powerful work that we do to tap into your own brilliance and power. 

The bimonthly membership will include a robust 90-minute group video session with coaching, tools, and/or strategies to tackle our challenges with wisdom and grace. Huge support in our FB community will allow you to continue to show up and expand beyond your limits. There is no contract or minimum duration. This is here to fit when and how you need to show up.

Archetypes and Your Soul Contracts – Intro Class

Have you ever wondered where the energy behind your thoughts and beliefs comes from? Whether it’s possible to discern patterns among this energy in order to grasp greater empowerment of your life? 

All of our deeper journeys begin at different moments in our lives. Yet choosing to begin your journey is the most important step. 

This is the area of development that you can explore when you join me in my introductory program, which dives into discovering answers to these questions. 

Archetypes and Your Soul Contracts is a self-paced, online program dedicated to helping you cultivate inner creation and transformation. You will get unlimited access to the online program and 3-month access to bi-monthly interactive Live Q&A sessions. 

Archetypes and Your Soul Contracts – Deeper Dive

The prerequisite for this course is the completion of the Archetypes and Your Soul Contracts Intro class. 

This course will dive you deeper into the nuances of your chosen archetypal companions and lead you into a deeper understanding of who you are why you are attracted to particular people and situations.