Teresa Campos

New Moon Aries

New Moon Aries The mood of a New Moon is one of quiet contemplation; accompanied by ruminating stirrings of what is brewing inside. There is a knowing, planning and hesitation all at once. The power of this full moon will support you to unleash your inner warrior in the days following. Inspiration is calling you to move with any fear you may be feeling and take the leap of faith. You know what and how you need to move forward with, […]

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Braving The Self

Emerge We heal ourselves by being willing to unearth the buried fears that lie below the surface. When we do this we transform and return to the knowing of our original condition: our truest selves. Life will continually push us toward this original condition. What I have come to discover about life is that it never gives up on us. It continues to give us situation in which we will challenged to dive deeper into understanding  who we are,  and […]

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It’s a Wild Ride!

It’s a Wild Ride! With Mercury retrograde on deck and the upcoming full moon, we are rockin and rollin! And this isn’t the kind of emotional ride that you are supposed to just hang on and hold your breath though; that would defeat the whole purpose. This is all about not holding on, while balancing yourself – balance vs reactivity. Here’s the deal. The ride isn’t moving, only you are. The ride is the illusion and you are the truth. The truth is […]

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