Teresa Campos

Taurus New Moon

“Connection to Mother Earth grounds my Soul to Source”  ~twg It is time to revisit some of the ways we have chose to build our way in the world. This visitation comes with feeling pressure of unresolved issues that have been nagging us for quite some time; change that needs to shift an old paradigm or perhaps an honest conversation we have been avoiding. The underlying question is, “are you breaking new ground?” The mood of this New Moon is self-care and nourishment. Ask yourself, “what love does my body and soul need right […]

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Braving The Self

Key #2 Heart and Body Intelligence   The heart has its own intelligence, and our body knows the truth. When these two are aligned we are unstoppable. The call to transform begins a journey into uncharted territories. Walking this path of transformation requires courage and strength to navigate the challenges we will meet along the way. In doing so we learn to build the bridge we are walking, while simultaneously being committed to the path. This path is a journey […]

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Full Moon Libra

  The full moon can be an emotional time. It bursts forth and illuminates what has already been sitting inside you. These emotional proclamations are unrefined, as they have not yet been processed. You will feel in need of validation by areas stimulated from the full moon, and this surge of energy can spur you into reaction. This desire to take action feels like restlessness, therefore your current emotional state could be projected in the wrong direction; something to be […]

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