Teresa Campos

“The only thing that is constant is change.”

  The intension of this blog is to share information, contemplate life and to ask questions.  I do not claim to have any answers to these questions I ask. The only answers I have are to my own personal beliefs, which can sometimes change daily based on any given experience.    Is change the initiation for chaos?  Do we seek transformation or does transformation seek us? Transitions, letting go, surrendering to what cannot be controlled. “Everything must stay the same” a […]

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“This morning I woke up and realized I needed to” break-up” with myself! I finally saw (again) how I have been holding myself back”

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When we modify or adapt to serve a new or different purpose, we transform. When we go beyond, rise above, overshadow or eclipse, we transcend what we were and become something new. When we take transformation of our physical or lower perceptions to their highest expressions, the spiritual or higher state of being determines how this energy is directed. The conversion of these energies causes an alchemical reaction that creates a new way of perceiving and experiencing our reality. The […]

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