Teresa Campos

Pisces…The Archetype

“The soul is the Middle Way as it stands between and mediates the primary polarity of life: Spirit and matter. The Soul therefore acts as an intermediary between the Essence of Life and its various forms of manifestations. Thus Soul provides the necessary channels through which consciousness may exteriorize and we may come to know ourselves. The grace of this knowing is that in the process, each of us comes to identify ourselves eventually as Divinity in manifestation. We learn […]

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Aquarius…The Archetype

Aquarius A man in a kneeling position resting an urn of water over his shoulder, it’s contents pouring in front and underneath him symbolizes the archetype of Aquarius. Having perfected his understanding of the oneness of Mankind, the Water Bearer distributes from its urn the waters of consciousness.  Right Human Relations is the theme of this sign. The urge to serve and be all things to all people is a very Aquarian. Universal love, demonstrated through science, technology, education, and […]

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Capricorn…The Archetype

Capricorn Whether or not we are born under the sign of Capricorn we all have an aspect of this archetypal energy in our birth charts. So let’s take a deeper look into the symbolism of this archetype as it pertains to all of us. A mountain goat precariously perched and sure footed upon a rock of his chosen peak symbolizes the sign of Capricorn. In search of material sustenance each calculated step takes him closer to his goal of consuming […]

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