Teresa Campos

Full Moon In Gemini

  The Clarity of Uncertainty Just when you thought you had it all figured out. Another wave of uncertainty washes over you. Only this time there is reassurance that you just might really be on the right track even though whats ahead is the unknown.  The full moon not only sheds light onto the darkness of the earth but also into your own darkness that lurks beneath your internal surface. What was once hidden from light is now activated by […]

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Full Moon in Pisces

The full moon not only sheds light onto the darkness of earth but also onto our own darkness that has been lurking just beneath our internal surface. What was once hidden from light, is now in full view for us, finally, the truth is now better able to be seen.   Hello My Friend, Are you in touch with your inner Mystic? This month is calling us inward to tap into the knowing of the Mystic within. Free from the trappings of the “egoic mind” the […]

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New Moon In Virgo

New Moon In Virgo   The darkness of the new moon turns our attention inward. A time of deep reflection is the opportunity to open our third eye to the inner stirrings of the soul whose wisdom is waiting. For only in darkness do we amplify the sense of sight to see deeply. The sign of Virgo is represented by the archetype of the Virgin. The Virgin is someone who is complete unto themselves. They are not at mercy of […]

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