Teresa Campos

Scorpio Full Moon

Find the Beauty in Letting Go We are all currently walking the burning ground of transformation.   The Full moon in Scorpio ushers us into the theme of death and rebirth. Will you rise or fall, will you expand or remain, will you die and be reborn? The depth of this Scorpio full moon dives you deep into the art of letting go.  Just like a snake must shed its skin, so must you; it is a natural force of nature. Take […]

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New Moon in Taurus

Stability…not so easy to satisfy right now. As with every new moon the sky is shadowed and the moon’s light cannot be seen. The new moon is rich with symbolism, representing a time of great self-awareness and where hopes and visions for the future can manifest. It is a time to rest, recharge and renew. And yet every new moon will feel different depending on the astrological influences that are present.  This new moon is in the element of earth […]

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New Moon Aries

Live a Prayer Everyday The darkness of a New Moon turns your attention inward. A time to reflect back on your goals and re-evaluate. Objectivity is not present at this point in the moon cycle. This is not a time for making solid commitments or promises, as new information will emerge later that will change your creative process.  The first sign of the zodiac, Aries: dynamic and fiery. Symbolized by the head of a Ram and ruling the function of […]

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