Teresa Campos

New Moon in Cancer

The Cosmic Mother On Fire The giver of all life, the container for all intelligence both cosmic and linear. The Cosmic Mother speaks to the relationship of your inner home, your ability to feel grounded and your emotional womb of safety.  How you seek shelter and emerge into this new world is activating uncertainty as you learn to navigate your re-entry. Triggered responses to unresolved old suffering, new found realizations and closure to past karmic relationships have surfaced.  Cancer is […]

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Full Moon Sagittarius

Visions of The Future The full moon is an emotional time. It bursts forth with energy illuminating what has been ruminating under the surface. These new proclamations have a charge that can spur you into reactivity.  The desire for change has been sitting inside for a while now. Frustration and tension has been building for quite some time and this moon in particular gives rise to the impetus to do something about.  Here are a few things that might be swirling […]

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New Moon Gemini

Listening Deeply The magical time of the new moon is an initiation point from which you reflect back on your old world and look forward into the new. Decisions do not need to be made at this point, only felt.  The symbol for Gemini is the twins. Making for multiple sides to consider and sometimes resulting in indecision. Gemini’s energy is constantly on the move, socially, communicatively and creatively with breaking news ready to share with all who will listen. […]

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