Teresa Campos

Aquarius New Moon

Are You Ready for… Uncertainty of Change? This magical time of the new moon is primed for spontaneity to spark your creative instinct. A new moon can bring forth revelations that have not yet been completely available to you before. 2020 has entered with a voice that cannot be ignored. The constructs of the past lie in full view to be witnessed and dealt with. There is a strong energy to assert oneself as the build up of tension comes […]

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Cancer Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

The Inner Mother The full moon is an emotional time; illuminating what you have buried inside. The urge to react is heightened and the drive of the soul is activated. You may feel the need to be validated, or find yourself projecting your emotional state onto to others.  The combination of the lunar eclipse and the full moon reflects what’s been buried inside you since the beginning of your time here on earth. Cancer is the archetypal Mother that insists on […]

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Capricorn New Moon and Solar Eclipse

I Produce The darkness of a new moon turns your attention inward towards a time of deep reflection. A solar eclipse is a symbol of new beginnings. This combination brings rise to the surface the unseen and unasked questions to your future self. A mountain goat precariously perched and sure footed upon a rock of his chosen peak, symbolized by the sign of Capricorn. In search of material sustenance each calculated step takes him closer to his goal; the mountain […]

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