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~Your Soul Contract~

Imagine having a blueprint that could help you understand your life path; the astrological birth chart is that blueprint. Astrology is an amazing tool of science and spirit that helps explain the design of your life.

The premise of this tool is that planetary movements influence moments in time. As we are part of the influential universal design, we are affected by the timing of these planetary movements. Using this blueprint to uncover your life’s design is what this amazing tool offers.

This blueprint will explain why you attract and repeat particular experiences, give a deeper understanding of all your relationships, what lessons they are here to provide for you, and validation that perhaps things happen for a reason. It shines a light on your inner contradictions and natural strengths. It is a map of the psyche and the soul. Your birth chart is your guide to self-understanding that never stops revealing new layers of insight.

A reading is extremely valuable under many circumstances in your life. For example: if you are in search of deeper purpose, in a transition, considering a change, or just wanting to become more self-aware. Your reading will give you an understanding of how your ego operates and the contract your soul has agreed to. It will lead you to the path of your soul devotion.

Astrological Reading

Who Are You Here To Be?

Information Needed:

~ Birth date

~ Exact birth time

~ City & state

~ A 90-minute detailed chart interpretation and transit analysis

          (A recording will be provided)

As part of your reading, we will expose why certain experiences have occurred, are presently occurring, and why they have been necessary aspects of your life. We will identify the current themes of developmental growth that are needing to be addressed, and what they are here to teach you.

Guiding you through this reading, I will help you process the information, highlight where to focus your inner work, and navigate the path ahead. We will compose an outline for action steps and mantras that will guide you forward. You will finish this reading with an understanding of the WHY of your life.


For Return Clients Only

A yearly or 6-month check-in is recommended to realign your focus. This session consists of identifying the changing themes that have emerged in your chart since your last reading. These themes will give clarity to the transformative opportunities currently in your chart today. Together we will highlight where to focus your attention to reach what you desire, and create an outline to use as a map for guidance. We will also discuss what has transpired since we last spoke and apply that information to where you are today.

Schedule an Astrological Update $227

Astrological Transit Reading

~ 75-minute recorded session

The Birth Chart Report

For thousands of years, humankind has used astrology as a method of personal divination using the alignment of the stars and planets to understand oneself more clearly. Thus helping the ability to see yourself objectively through reflection and introspection. 

The way in which we learn to understand ourselves comes from various wisdom paths that speak to each of us individually.

The Birth Chart report is designed to introduce you to the concepts of astrology and how to get started understanding your natal chart.

This Report will outline YOUR personal astrology birth chart. The Birth Chart Report is approximately 20 pages long and is a comprehensive personalized outline that you will easily understand. 

The Birth Chart Report DOES NOT take the place of an actual intuitive personal reading. 

 The Birth Chart Report is available EVEN IF you DO NOT know your exact birth time!

This is an all-purpose interpretation Birth Chart Report that includes:

  • Life goals.
  • Security issues.
  • Education and
  • Communication.
  • Relationships.
  • Motivation.
  • Career.
  • Creativity and originality.
  • Challenges in life.
  • Purpose and joy.




Clairty and Validation
“Teresa’s reading really helped me understand why I feel so compelled to do the work I’m doing. She helped me focus my attention and energy on both actions and ways of being that will support me in getting my work out in a bigger way, with less stress and more ease. I feel clearer and more confident in the path ahead of me.”
Johanna Lyman Author
Founder and CEO of NextGen Orgs
Practical Guidance
“Working with Teresa is inspiring and insightful. In my sessions with her, I always leave feeling confident and empowered to pursue the challenges and dreams I will encounter moving forward. She has helped me learn to work with my fear and not let it be a roadblock to growth and development. What intrigues me most is the way she is able to bring her amazing knowledge of astrology into a practical realm for the purpose of guiding me.”
Barbara Frackenthall
Early Child Education Leader
Deep Awareness
For lack of a better word, WOW is the feeling that best expresses how I felt after my reading. I am awestruck at how Teresa was able to hit perfectly on what was going on in my life currently and my past struggles. I can now put this behind me and move forward to a fresh new beginning, understanding the lessons I have learned journeying though the dark night of the soul.
Ana Maria Sanchez
Author, Counselor, Master Reiki Healer, Shamanic Practitioner

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