Libra The Archetype

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An archetype is a universal pattern or symbol that we all recognize our experience in some form. It is understood by the image that comes to mind and serves as a symbol to us.  
Whether or not we are born under the sign of Libra, we all have a responsibility to integrate this archetypal energy into our lives. So let’s take a deeper look into the symbolism of this archetype about all of us.
“I Balance; therefore I am.”
Libra attempts to balance the polarities of life in every situation. Represented by the scales of justice and motivated by its desire for relationship, Libra is the representation of the Law of Right Human Relations. It strives to create harmony between all persons.
Artistic in nature, Libra bathes in the beauty of life. This charismatic energy seeks out another to partner with and understands the value of intimacy between equals. Recognizing the beauty of fair play, the artist and the diplomat express its beauty through joint forces.
The initial undeveloped stage of Libra is sought through a need for dominance and materialism. Egocentric in its relations and values, Libra carries an eye for an eye mentality with glamour as its demon. This imbalance leaves the unconscious Libra to see life from the perspective of right or wrong and seek justice through dominance at all costs. This tension of opposing forces eventually drives Libra towards its need for harmony and balance.
As Libra develops, an urge for equilibrium transpires. What was once an eye for an eye becomes eye to eye—seeing beyond oneself to see others. Being the sign of partnership, Libra recognizes that duality is part of the balance of life. And that life is no longer weighed by opposing scales of justice but by the balance between them. This awareness brings objectivity to the once subjective mentality of Libra.
Continuing to walk the path of consciousness, Libra is able to merge the opposing forces through the common threads that unite them. A lover of beauty, harmony and fair play aims to balance from the inside out and project that balance as beauty out into the world.
The Libran grail is to dance with paradox while simultaneously relating through love. This is the force that can bring Humanity into its Oneness. Unifying this energy heals the wounds of our planet’s psyche as well as our own.
Equality is not synonymous with sameness, yet equality is the destination for all.

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